2009-2010 Winners
Brett Farrar
Age: 17

Panama, OK

Brett is planning on attenting Northeastern State University in the Fall of 2009.

The world's events over the last few years have changed my career path drastically. Music is, and always has been my passion. I had the idea a few years ago that I wanted to become a high school band director. I planned on attending Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma as a Music Education major. I received a small band scholarship, and had been accepted into the Mus-ic Education program. The current state of the economy has forced me to rethink that decision. Music, unfairly so in my opinion, is the first program that gets cut when a school/university has to cut back costs, or downsize their programs. My current band director came to us from Cedarville, Arkansas, where he had been teaching Music at a private high school. After teaching there for over 20 years, Mr. Schook's music program was cut from Cedarville a few years ago. Even though music is my passion, I'm not sure I want to head out into a job market that is unsteady as music is.

With music out of the picture, I moved on to my next potential major, Business Administration (Management). I've always considered myself a leader, thus my interest in a management position. After doing some searching online, I found that seven out of the top ten jobs recommended for the class of 2009, were for people with degrees in Business Administration (Management). With the economy in its current state, and a rocky job market, Business Admin. seems like it could still be a great opportunity to land a job.

Business and music are obviously nothing alike. My decision on changing my major from Music Education, to becoming a potential Business Administration (Management) major, details the drastic change that the world's events have had on my chosen career path.


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