2004-2005 Winners
Lyndsey Hicks, New Albany, Mississippi A junior at Mississippi State University in Starkville. Field of study is Elementary Education. Earned a Gulf Coast scholarship her freshman year.

Named to the university's President's Scholar List in the fall semester, 2002. Carries a 3.81 GPA. Has participated in various campus educational activities and women's forums. Also active in church activities, and works part time at a local grocery store.

"…recent world events…have caused me to look closely at whether or not such controversial events, such as the War in Iraq, should be addressed in an elementary classroom. If the teacher does not feel comfortable addressing such topics, what is the best way? After reading several articles on this topic, the main idea was to trust your own judgment. There is no good way to approach these subjects with young children."

Elizabeth Michelle McGehee, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. A junior at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. Field of study is Radiology. She also received a Gulf Coast scholarship her freshman year.

She has made the Dean's list at the university for the past three semesters. Carries a 3.6 GPA. Is one of 42 students--out of 107--accepted to the university's Radiologic Technology Program. Also a member of Phi Eta Sigma, the national freshman society. Active in school activities, including the yearbook staff, and the Baptist Collegiate Ministry. Did church volunteer work in New York City on the six month anniversary of Sept. 11.

"I admire my dad in his workplace because he loves what he does. When he does talk about work you can tell by his words and tone of voice that he is very passionate about it. That's what I want. I want a career that doesn't seem like work, but something I love to do. "Observing my dad and his relationship with his fellow coworkers through the years has definitely taught me that it is very important to love the people you work with."

Shelly McCain, Houston, Texas. Will be a freshman at San Jacinto Junior College in Houston; anticipates transferring to Sam Houston State University as a sophomore. Plans to major in Biology, with a minor in Fine Arts Photography. Wants to become a registered sports therapist.

Member of National Honor Society at C.E. King High School. In the Class of 2003, ranked 14th in a class of 232 with a 4.3 GPA. Was vice president of school's art club, and was a founding member of the National Art Honor Society Chapter at C.E. King. Recipient of numerous scholastic honors, including the U.S. Navy Science Achievement Award, the President's Award for Educational Excellence, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Scholar Award, and the Outstanding Technical Theater Student award. Has been a member of the Twin Arts' dance competition team for 10 years, and has worked for the last two summers as a full-time volunteer at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

"Through our childhood we are taught to have compassion towards our fellow human beings. When I would get home from school and turn on the television, I saw this very same compassion in the medical workers and volunteers as they helped the sick, injured and poor. I also realized how rewarding it was to those workers. …it is truly sad that it took these great horrific acts of violence to inspire human kind to once again help each other. This has also made me want to help with charities that help low income families and their children get the medical attention they so rightly deserve."

Jennifer Perry, West, Texas. She will be a junior at Texas A&M University, and is majoring in accounting. She is a three-time Gulf Coast scholarship award recipient.

Jennifer's current goal is to be accepted into the PPA program at the university which will enable her to earn her bachelor's and master's degree in accounting in five years. She has a 3.89 GPA. She has been recognized as a Distinguished Student and a Recognized Student at the university's Mays College of Business. She also ranks in the top 10 percent of her class, and is in the honors program at the school.

"Since the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, I have learned to embrace the differences in all people in order to better help my fellow man. I have found that conflict in differences of people are the cause for much of the world's problems and it seems that their malice attacks were also due to differences of nations. ….people everywhere need to accept culture diversities, especially in America because our country is made up of not just one or two, but also hundreds of different cultures and beliefs."

Sara Jayne Telowicz, Jones, Oklahoma. Class of 2002 graduate from Choctaw High School. She will be a freshman at the University of Oklahoma. Her anticipated field of study is medicine, and plans to become a pediatrician. She is sponsored by Madewell & Madewell, Inc.

She graduated first in a senior class of 268, finished with a 4.0 GPA, and was senior class Valedictorian. She received the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Certificate of Outstanding Academic Performance in math and reading, was named Choctaw Biology and Science Department "Student of the Month," has been a three-year member of the Oklahoma State Honor Society and is president of Future Doctors Association. She was named the Choctaw/Nicoma Park Business Women's Club "Girl of the Month", and also belonged to the Key Club, Student Council National Honor Society and is in "Who's Who Among High School Students." She also is a local and state volunteer for Special Olympics, a volunteer at the Renaissance Women's Center and decorates hospitals and her school for the holidays.

"Witnessing all of the emotional events of war, have led me to consider a career in the public sector. Although I would not be serving my country in war, I would be able to serve in another way--by working as an accountant for the government and possibly the FBI. I (also) realized I would love to work for NASA and the space program. I could work for them as an accountant and try to help keep the program afloat. Furthermore, the accounting profession has been riddled with scandals throughout the last year. …these scandals have turned me away from corporate mega-companies. Now I would prefer to work for a medium size company…I hope to impact my company, if not the whole country and world, by making honesty the most important policy. I hope I will always be able to make the right decision for the company, even if it is not the easiest or most popular one."

Jennifer Marie Wynn, Sapulpa, Oklahoma. She will be a senior at the University of Tulsa, working in a double major in psychology and communications (with an emphasis on public relations). She plans to earn a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This is the second consecutive year Jennifer has received a Gulf Coast scholarship.

She carries a 3.826 GPA. Also honored for her excellent GPA from the Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences from the university. Also on the National Dean's List, the President's Honor Roll and the Dean's List. Currently a public relations intern at the Diorama Art Center in London, and a public relations assistant with the University of Tulsa. Was a psychological research intern for the National Science Foundation. A member of the University Ambassadors Organization at TU, vice president of Psi Chi National Honor Society and director of mentoring for Psi Chi.

"…the workplace is becoming as much of a cultural melting pot in small cities as it is in places like New York. Working in a Tulsa office of just 10 people exposed me to individual of four different nationalities alone. This incidence has risen dramatically as I have taken an internship oversees in London, England. Out of all of the people I meet in London, maybe 65% are actually from England. I have also experienced first-hand prejudice, just for being an American. Some of the prejudice is negative, but not all. Some prejudice is positive--sometimes people expect me to behave in a positive manner or have similar ideals as they simply because I am an American. The way people interact in the workplace is changing with the times, and that has certainly influenced my decision in choosing a career. By working in the field of I/O (Industrial/Organizational) Psychology, I hope to better understand and help others deal with working in the "new global workplace."

Lacey Darlean Wester, Covington, Louisiana. Class of 2003 graduate from Covington High School. Will be a freshman at Southeastern Louisiana University in the fall. Plans to major in education.

Finished high school with a 3.97 cumulative GPA, a 4.0 Core GPA. Ranked fifth in a class of 312. Earned the Covington High School Award of Excellence in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades (for having 3.5 each year); the Covington High School Academic Achievers Award her senior year, and a member of the National Honor Society. Also a member of the Student Government Association and vice president of Corporate Office Education-- a work program for high school students. Active in church choir, the church youth team and Home Friendship Group, and numerous other volunteer activities.

"During the holidays and summer months of my sophomore and junior years of high school, I was given the opportunity to work as a part-time clerical assistant at P&W Industries, Inc. It was at that time that I understood the enormity of the used steel market. The scrap customers that came to sell their scrap metals would come to the cashier's window where I was working and as I paid them, I would think, "This is just junk, and they're getting paid for it". Now that I am older, I realize the significance of the scrap metal industry. The recycling industry creates jobs and saves our resources for future generations. Whether it is metals or other recyclable goods, the preservation of our future resources depends largely on whether the population recycles today."
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